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Solar Powered Wireless External Alert Complete System - KIT 17

1 set of 2B-100 beams - 100m detection range between Beams
Internal Receiver - 900m Transmission range back to Receiver
External Alarm/Alert - 100db siren and strobe light
2 x Keyfobs - 100m Arm/Disarm Siren 


Product Description

Part number: 900-2B-KT17

This Complete Perimeter Alarm Kit comprises of:-

  • Solar powered wireless 2B-100 beams x 1
  • Wireless Solar Siren with Bright Flashing Strobe Light
  • Internal Receiver
  • Keyfob controller x 2

This extremely versatile system can be used in a huge range of external environments as an alarm or a vistor alert system.

The Siren
The quality Solar Powered Siren & Bright Flashing LED Strobe Lights communicates directly with the 2B-100 Wireless Beams (supplied) together with any further Beams or Sensors you wish to add.

The Siren doubles up as the control panel and is Armed & Disarmed using a Remote Control from up to 100 metres away, the Siren can be programmed to operate in two ways:
                         Outdoor Alarm, when intruder passes through the beams and the 100db Solar Siren will activate
                         together with the built in Flashing Strobe Lights.
                         Outdoor Alert, when a visitor passes through the beams and the siren will flash for a 6 seconds,
                         ideal for when you are working around the buildings.

The Internal Receiver
The Wireless Four Channel Receiver, has an adjustable 12v DC output, 4 x Dry Relay Outputs, Adjustable Volume Control, options for a Reminder Beep and Exit Delay and has the ability to learn up to 32 sets of Beams into each channel. It can also be used to trigger Auto-Diallers, Speech Alerts etc.

Multiple Receivers can be used with any one system, resulting in notifications or alarms from many locations within the same building or completely different buildings.

Solar Powered 2B Beams
These unique Perimeter Beams are very easy to install as they have a built in Red Glow Light (for easy lining up) which illuminates for just one hour after switching the beams on, after the hour this light will automatically switch off adding to your security.

The Beams have two sets of Detection Beams set 220 mm apart, each set of Detection Beam comprises of two sensors set 60 mm apart from each other.  Both of these sensors need to be blocked to trigger the alarm, this prevents false alarms from insects, small animals and debris. The sets of Detection Beams work independently from each other ensuring larger range covered.  This latest version of Solar Beams have a port built into the rear of the Beams to allow occasional top up charging using a 12v transformer, ideal for locations where one or both of the Beams are perhaps not getting full daylight, especially in a low winters sun !!

  • Beam Specification
    Size: 340 (H) x 123 (W) x 45 (D) mm
    Power Supply: Re-chargeable AA Batteries
    Mounting Methods: Wall or Pole
    Detection Range: 100 metres
    Transmission Range: 900 metres (line of sight)
    Frequency: 433 Mhz
    IP Rating: IP66
    Distance Between Detection Beams: 60mm
    Qty of Detecting Beams: 2 sets

Ideal Perimeter Alarm System that will inform you to the presence of a Visitor whether they are welcome or not.


Perimeter Alarm Information.

'New' Solar Powered Wireless Perimeter Wireless Alarm Systems that have an impressive Detection Range of 100 metres and a Transmission range back to the receiver of 900 metres.

These Beams operate on the 'Active Beam' principle rather than the passive method, they consist of two beams which are actively always looking at each other, in the event of them not being able to see each other they will trigger and send a wireless signal back to the plug in Receiver or Solar Charger Siren.

There are two beams actively working, both of which need to be blocked before they activate, this reduces false alarms from small insects, birds and debris.

Suitable for protecting Building Sites, Farms & Farm Buildings, Gateways, Industrial & Domestic Buildings, Driveways and all types of Perimeter locations.

We have four different sizes of beams allowing you to choose one that suits your applications.

You can use over 100 sets of beams going back to any one receiver or multiple receivers against one or more sets of beams.

Product Information

The key features are:
1) Battery Powered.
2) Solar Charged (no cables needed).
3) Twin Detection Beams (to avoid false alarms).
4) Up to 100 metre easy Detection Range.
5) Upto 900 metres Wireless Transmission Range.
6) Options of Built in Sirens inside the Beams.
7) 4 Channel Receivers (can accept 32 sets of beams against each channel).
8) Output Relays on the Receiver.
9) You can add Auto-Dialers to the Receivers.
10) Very Affordable.
11) Quick & Easy to Install.
12) Move site to site.

If you want more information, please contact us.

Wireless Transmission Information

One of the key issues when purchasing a Wireless Driveway or Perimeter Alarm is choosing a system with wireless capabilities to suit your environment.
You will always see the term 'Line of Sight' next to the advertised Wireless Transmission range, therefore understanding this industry standard measurement will help you decide which system to purchase.

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