900M - Wireless Flashing Strobe Siren & 2x Remote Keyfobs - 900-SRNKT



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Wireless Siren with Flashing Strobe Lights
and 2 x Remote Controls for use alone or
with the 900 Series Solar Range.

Product Description

This quality Solar Powered Siren & Flashing Strobe Lights & Control Panel works in conjunction with our full range of Solar Powered Dual Detection Wireless Perimeter Beams or the supplied Remote Controls.

It can be programmed to give a short 4 second very loud Chime which is ideal for being alerted to the presence of a visitor or a loud flashing Siren & Bright Flashing Strobe Lights well suited for ideal, it is turned on/armed and off/disarmed using the remote controls supplied.

It has the same wireless range as the plug in receiver therefore will operate over 500 - 900 metres away from the beams, depending on which set you are using. Whilst the remote control has a 100 - 150 metre working range.

It can be used with or without a plug in receiver inside the house, and can have up to 32 sets of beams learned into it.

When set to siren/secuity mode, the  Siren & Bright Flashing Strobes will operate for a minute once activated but remains fully armed until it is disarmed using the remote control.

This really is a quality security device ideal for all types of applications, some examples listed below:

1) Locations that have no or limited power supply available
2) Locations where you may be working away from the house, garden, farm or business
3) Locations where you want the intruder or visitor to be aware that they have activated a system, to save uncomfortable or dangerous confrontations
4) Rural businesses and shops
5) Covering your front drive and vehicles 

Kit Includes

1 x Solar Powered Siren
2 x Remote Controls
1 x Mounting Plate
1 x Set of Instructions

Siren Specification

Size: 280 x 180 x 74 mm
Siren Options:
1) Loud 4 second chime
2) Full Siren & Flashing Strobe (duration 1 minute)
Siren Level: 90 decibel
LED Illumination: 70 lm
Wireless Working Range: 500 - 900 metres (line of sight)
Mounting Method: Rear Plate
Built in Battery: 3000mAH 6.4v
Battery Type: Lithium
Frequency: 433 MHz
Working Temperature: -30 - +70

The Remote Controls have 3 functions when used with the Siren (004-2810):
1) Disarm (turn off).
2) Arm (turn on).
3) Panic Button, if pressed, it will trigger the Siren.

The working range is 100 metres (line of sight).


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