Fermax *NEW* 2 Wire 2 Way Slim Video Kit for Home or Business with 2x 4.3' monitors - F-1422

CODE: F-1422


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  • 2 Call Buttons
  • Touch Screen and Graphicons
  • Surface mounted
  • Blue back lighted cardholder with lighting change according to the status of the panel
  • Hood included
  • 4.3" Touch Screen Monitor - x2 F-1426
  • Intercommunication between Monitors

Product Description

With the WAY SLIM KITS, FERMAX offers you the most practical and accessible way to enter in the home.

WAY SLIM KITS are the extra slim video door entry kits with 2 wires for individual residences, allowing an intuitive use and featuring lots of functionalities.


The WAY SLIM monitor is a device of reduced dimensions and extra slim design, perfect to fit into any space at home. With an elegant white design, it inspires freshness and it offers a lots of functionalities.

With a 4,3” colour capacitive touchscreen, you will manage all WAY functionalities.

The monitor incorporates two pushbuttons to establish communication with the outdoor panel and to open the door, which incorporate Braille marking.

Hands-free communication. From its capacitive touchscreen you can access to the OSD MENU and manage the monitor in an intuitive way.


A WAY panel of 39mm thickness made of zamak with a wide angle CCD colour camera.

Incorporates a light sensor, a hood for rain protection and a backlighted cardholder.

Surface installation.

With power supply included in the kit, it is possible to connect up to a 12Vdc 250mA lock release.

*Please note: this Two Way version works with monitors F-1425 and F-1426*

Technical Specifications

Intercommunication between monitors
Establish communication between the monitors installed at home. Exists the possibility to call to other apartment (only in 2/W kit version).

Touchscreen and intuitive graphic icons
TFT digital colour monitor with capacitive touchscreen and intuitive graphic icons.

Do not disturb
“Do not disturb” function: 1 hour, 8 hours or permanently.

Autostart of mail camera
Allows the autostart of the panel’s camera whenever you want.

Adjust the volume and customisable call tone with 12 different melodies. Selection of language (14 languages), etc.

• 2/W video panel with hood (ref.1417).
• 4,3” WAY SLIM COLOUR monitor with TFT capacitive touchscreen (ref.1425).
• 4,3” WAY SLIM COLOUR monitor with TFT capacitive touchscreen (ref.1426).
• Power supply (ref.1410).

Weight: 2,291 kg

Size of product when packed: 23,4x29,5x11 cm




Way Kit Brochure (Way_Kit_Brochure.pdf, 2,071 Kb) [Download]

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