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 As seen on ITV's This Morning Show - Top Rated Home Security Product

Ideal for the elderly, this alarm uses GSM communication to send alerts via SMS to a designated family member. The SOS button is also handy if anyone needs to alert a family member in an emergency.


  • GSM / SMS Communicating Alarm with integrated Mobile Phone Technology

  • Controlled by SMS Text, App, Control Panel, Remote Control, RFID or Free Call

  • Self-Monitoring with SMS notifications for Alarm, Emergency, Tamper

  • Remote Monitoring with “Listen In” Feature

  • Remote Arm and Disarm by SMS, App or Free Phone Call

  • SOS emergency panic button  

The G5 alarm uses GSM communication* to send alerts via SMS for Alarm conditions, power failure, power recovery and low battery. The panel can be remotely monitored via phone. The built in loud speaker is ideal for a loud Siren conditions and use with two-way talking. The control panel can store 5 designated phones numbers for family members, 1 speed dial number and 1 RFID SMS notification number. RFID tags can be used to Disarm the alarm easily by swiping a tag over the RFID receiver. Up to 50 RFID tags, 10 remote controls and 50 Wireless sensors can be added to this burglar alarm system. A Wirefree External Solar Siren can easily be added for additional protection. The handy SOS emergency button can be paired to the system, so if an emergency situation this will alert the phone numbers of a problem.


 Ideal for the elderly, this remotely monitored burglar alarm system can be used to look after relatives when you're not nearby. The GSM / SMS Communicating Alarm with integrated Mobile Phone Technology give you lots of flexibility. You can control by SMS Text, App, the Control Panel, a Remote Control, RFID Tag or Free Call. The Alarm is self-monitoring with SMS notifications for Alarm, Emergency and Tamper and remote monitoring with the “Listen In” Feature. Featuring Arm, Part Arm, Disarm Modes (home arm has silent arming delay), you can remote Arm and Disarm by SMS, App or Free Phone Call. For ease of installation, all included accessories are pre-programmed to the control panel (any additional accessories will need to be learnt to the panel) and it supports up to 50 wireless sensors, 10 remotes, 50 RFID tags. It supports the electronic door lock if fitted (sold separately).

The Touch Keypad with Contact ID Protocol features a call status light, GSM signal confirmation indicator, stores 5 x Phone numbers, 5 x SMS numbers, 1 x Speed dial, Hands free calling, Speed dial to master number, RFID swipe tag disarm with audio/visual confirmation and adjustable Internal Siren Volume (off, low, high) and Siren time (1-9 minutes). The Control Panel has a Listen-in feature with 2 way talk and monitoring giving you the ability to remotely monitor your home and also record a voice memo feature.

Using an RFID Tag also gives you the option to have SMS notifications (up to 4 named tags) so you can be assured when your family members are home. The SMS feature means you can also arm/disarm, be notified of tamper alert for all accessories (first 9 named), alerts for power failure, power recovery, low back up battery in CU and intruder alert including zone (first 9 named). Fully tamper protected with a 1 year warranty. 

 1 x Mains Powered Control Panel (with battery backup and internal siren), 1 x Control Panel Power Adapter, 2 x Remote control, 2 x RFID tag, 1 x Door/window contact, 1 x PIR motion detector, 1 x SOS Button, all Fixings and Fittings, Installation and Operating Instructions.

Please note: * The Three (3) networks is not compatible with the G5.  



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