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V9 GSM replacement / upgrade panel for Enforcer systems.


Item Number: ENF-CP-32WE

Product Description

This is the GSM version V9 panel, it does not include built in wifi but uses SIM CARD communication - if you have an older version standard PSTN dialling panel this could be a warranted upgrade if you're looking to adopt mobile captabilities.

The two-way wireless keyfob allows you to set/unset the system (with visual indication of alarm, faults and system status), and to control wired automation outputs.

Advanced jamming detection with frequency hopping technology is used to prevent accidental or malicious attempts to disrupt the system.

128 bit wireless protocol encryption ensures effective anti-code grabbing and multiple attempts at message delivery. This gives a very high level of protection over the wireless bus, ensuring you have peace of mind that your system is safe and secure.

Product Description

Enforcer two-way wireless technology

  • 868MHz Transceiver FM technology
  • Instant two-way device control (ITDC)
  • Signal Strength Indicator (SSI)
  • 4 Level sets
  • 32 Wireless inputs
  • 2 Wired inputs & 3 Wired outputs on board
  • 80 User codes
  • 32 Wireless keyfobs with individual user ID
  • In built proximity reader

Panel Type: Domestic & Commercial


The one-push-to-learn feature in all Enforcer wireless devices means that learning devices onto the system can be done in seconds.

868MHz Transceiver FM technology

Pyronix High Security Wireless Protocol Encryption

The two-way wireless protocol has been developed by Pyronix to ensure that the communications between all wireless system components are protected with a very high security level. The protocol uses the 128 bit Pyronix advanced encryption.

Quicker installation with Signal Strength Indicators

Signal Strength Indicators (SSI) in all wireless devices means that you can position devices without the need to refer back to the panel.

Preserve battery power

Instant two-way device control enables immediate wake-up and sleep of devices; preserving battery power, while maintaining a highly secure system.

Easy to program and install

Fully menu driven programming with YES/NO questions allows for quick and simple installing; saving you time and money.

No wires, no fuss

As the system can be fully wireless, there is no need to run wiring; saving you time, money and mess.

A full range of peripherals

Including safety and security sensors and detectors, the Enforcer range has the products to cover the job. 

GSM Capabilities

Add a sim card for full GSM communication capabilities, no need to hardwire into existing phone-line.




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