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- Pyronix Enforcer alarm panel with 4x Optex BX80-NR wireless external wall PIR.
- Selectable comms module.( wifi std, can have GSM, landline, GPRS)
- Optex Beam gives bi-directional coverage 12M .(24M in total).
- Pyronix panel gives full control of alarm and you can even add cameras. 

Item Number: BX-80NRKIT3

Product Description

This new kit from Map Security includes:

1 x Pyronix Enforcer Control Panel V10 - The ENF-CP-32WE comes with web app control as standard which links to your wifi but you can add landline(PSTN), GPRS(DATA SIM) as preferred communication module if required. In addition you can add cameras to work with the APP for real time/visual verfication - We see this as a great cost effective addition to confirm if threat is real OR not.

 4 x Optex BX-80NR external Wall protection PIR / Sensor which gives a total coverage upto 24Mtrs (12 mtr bi-directional). This is fitted with a compatible Pyronix wireless transmitter which will give upto 100m wireless range back to panel (please note distance can be much greater in open space OR much less around buildings). Optex sensors are the industry standard external detection sensors used in Banks , UK MOD, Education and Hospitals. Supplied with batteries for sensor and transmitter)

Build on this kit with additional components from the Pyronix Enforcer Accessory range to create a comprehensive protection system. Add a wired (£40) or Wireless (£80) external alarm, Cameras , keyfobs, keypads communication module to suit ( please see main pyronix enforcer alarm section for full list) 

Optex Sensor Specifics

With long, narrow detection areas that extend from both its sides, the battery-powered BX-80NR is specifically designed to be wirelessly wall-mounted centrally on a building. This unique detection pattern covers the building perimeter with a multi-layered, horizontal barrier that detects intruders before they break in. Included on the unit is a backbox that accepts most manufacturers wireless systems, making the BX-80NR a versatile, stable outdoor PIR requiring no running wire. To help reduce false activations, the range can be adjusted so that detection extends only to the end of the building. The unit also has a size-judging function, which helps it discriminate between large and small objects within the detection area.

The unit is fitted with a Pyronix compatible transmitter with upto 100m wireless range. This component is compatible with any of the Pyronix enforcer alarm series.

Battery operated (battery included)

  • Fitted with Pyronix compatible Transmitter upto 100m Wireless range
  • Battery saving circuit
  • Variable detection range from 6 to 40ft on each side
  • Form C alarm output and tamper output
  • Low current draw
  • Double conductive shielding
  • Advanced temperature compensation
  • Limited detection range function
  • Size judging function to avoid false alarms
  • Attractive and slender design

Technology: Passive Infrared

Wiring: Battery Powered

Indoor Outdoor: Outdoor

Installation: Residential, commercial, Industrial, financial

Pyronix Panel Specifics:

Advanced jamming detection with frequency hopping technology is used to prevent accidental or malicious attempts to disrupt the system.

128 bit wireless protocol encryption ensures effective anti-code grabbing and multiple attempts at message delivery. This gives a very high level of protection over the wireless bus, ensuring you have peace of mind that your system is safe and secure.

 Product Features

  • Enforcer two-way wireless technology
  • 868MHz Transceiver FM technology
  • Instant two-way device control (ITDC)
  • Signal Strength Indicator (SSI)
  • 4 Level sets
  • 32 Wireless inputs
  • 2 Wired inputs & 3 Wired outputs on board
  • 80 User codes
  • 32 Wireless keyfobs with individual user ID
  • In built proximity reader

Panel Type: Domestic & Commercial


The one-push-to-learn feature in all Enforcer wireless devices means that learning devices onto the system can be done in seconds.

868MHz Transceiver FM technology

Pyronix High Security Wireless Protocol Encryption

The two-way wireless protocol has been developed by Pyronix to ensure that the communications between all wireless system components are protected with a very high security level. The protocol uses the 128 bit Pyronix advanced encryption.

Quicker installation with Signal Strength Indicators

Signal Strength Indicators (SSI) in all wireless devices means that you can position devices without the need to refer back to the panel.

Preserve battery power

Instant two-way device control enables immediate wake-up and sleep of devices; preserving battery power, while maintaining a highly secure system.

Easy to program and install

Fully menu driven programming with YES/NO questions allows for quick and simple installing; saving you time and money.

No wires, no fuss

As the system can be fully wireless, there is no need to run wiring; saving you time, money and mess.( only panel needs 240V)

A full range of peripherals

Including safety and security sensors and detectors, the Enforcer range has the products to cover the job. 

If you require a customized system OR a different type of Optex sensor, please enquire and we will try and facilitate. 




Visonic FAQ PageThis is a list of frequently asked questions on the the Visonic range of wireless alarm systems.

1) What is the coverage of a wireless device? Approx 100-120mtrs depending on the build of the house, if solid walls are in the path of the signal, this can be reduced by up to 30%, if extra range is needed use an extender MCX600.

2)Panel is saying CPU battery low? The panel comes with a minimum charge on the panel battery, when the unit is connected to the mains this will charge the battery.

3) How long do the batteries last? Approx 2-3 years, even longer in some cases, but all the batteries are monitored by the panel, with plenty of warning.

4) How do I clear alarm in memory – or clear the memory? Press the arm button on the remote, then the un-arm button.

5) The red light on the PIR is not picking me up when I walk past? The unit enters sleep mode when the unit is not used, to save battery life.

6) I have a Pet PIR but it is picking up my pet.... Check the mounting height, Pet PIRS should be mounted at about 6-8 Feet. Also set the Pulse count jumper inside the PIR to the lower sensitivity, ie 2 counts not 1 count.

7) I have a Pet PIR but it is picking up my pet, I’ve mounted it at 7 Feet and adjusted the pulse count? Where is the PIR installed? If installed in a hallway, most common answer is the Pir is picking up the stairs, so if the pet goes upstairs it will trigger the PIR. Angle if possible away from the stairs.Last resort, move the Pir, if the pet can access window ledges or sofa tops try the unit at 8 feet.

8) I don’t want to use a Battery Bell box, but I want a constant Power feed? You could use the Visonic Mains operated bell BUT a Better option is to use a Grade 3 bell Like Texecom Odessey. You can connect a wired bell from the panel, look on the website, open the description of the bell and open the PDF to see the wiring information.

9) I have a fault, but can’t find it? Set the panel in Normal mode, Press the star on the key fob, and a report will be announced.

10) How many key fobs can be enrolled with the panel? 8 can be enrolled.

11) How many Wireless Bell boxes can be installed? 2 can be enrolled.

12) I keep getting tamper alarm on the bell box when I am enrolling the system devices? The tamper plunger will be protruding from the back of the bell box, place a heavy book on the bell box, this will push it back in.

13) Is there a comfort LED or Alarm active indication on the bell box? No, We recommend the use of battery powered LED like ( ESLLED )

14) I keep getting tamper alarm on the bell box, after i’ve fitted it to the wall? The bell box should be mounted on a flat surface so the tamper plunger is pushed in. If on a spardash surface you will need to make a smooth surface where the plunger will touch the wall, but not too deep, or it won’t push back in to the bell box. There is an adjustment screw on the plunger which will extend the range. If this is not long enough try some cement over the Spardash.

15) Which PIR would you recommend for a conservatory? The best one to use would be Discovery Quad Mcw, as it has a four channel detector.

16) How many wired devices can I install? We only recommend 1 on each Zone, but if necessary you can loop door contacts, but they will all trigger the same zone.

17) How many wired Zones are there? There are 2 zones for wired devices, zones 29 and 30.

18) How many devices can I install on each zone? We only recommend 1 device on each zone.

19) How do I connect a phone line? Use 2 out of a 4 core telephone cable, 1 x core in the SET and 1 x core in the LINE, and connect directly to the back of a secondary phone socket with terminals 2 and 5, any polarity.

20) What if I have ADSL ? You will have to use a filter and connect it to the phone side of the filter.

21) I want to hardwire the phone line to an ADSL line? You can purchase a filter which can be mounted on the main BT socket, to change all the secondary sockets to phone only so you could hardwire into the back.

22) The Trouble light keeps coming on? Set the unit to Normal mode, press the star button on the key fob, the panel will announce the fault.

23) Can I connect remotely to the panel? Yes but you will need the panel connected to a phone line, and the Visonic software installed on your PC.

24) What can I do remotely? You can access all the functions of the panel remotely, from zone changing, event log, even pin number change.

25) I’m stuck, can I reset the panel? Yes if you go into function 12 in the installers menu, you have the option to reset to default.

26) Will the onboard dialler ring Mobiles as well as land lines? Yes it will.

27) Is there any settings to change the language? No, we only supply in English, but you can turn off the voice prompts.

28) Can I turn the speech off? Yes if you press No7 in ready mode.

30) Can I put a PIR in the bedroom? No, we don’t recommend putting a PIR in the bedroom, it could be set off too easily, for your own protection use a door-window contact.

31)In the event of losing mains power, what will happen to the panel if armed? The panel will still be armed, disarm in the normal way.

32) What is the voltage rating of the power supply? The power supply is rated at 220-240vac. Input voltage.




Datasheet (BX80_tech_sheet.pdf, 1,769 Kb) [Download]

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