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Two way keyfob providing status update.
28bit secure encrypted code.
Minature portable size.
Superior Battery Life.

Product Description

Wireless CodeSecure Two-way Keyfob Transmitter

 MCT-237 is a 6-button miniature wireless two-way keyfob with an icon-based LCD display designed for arming and disarming the security system, as well as for emergency signaling, query for status and home automation applications. It provides instant visual and auditory feedback regarding the system status and whether a command has been successfully executed, so that users can always be certain that the system has carried out their command.
When activated, each button initiates a CodeSecure™ transmission of a unique 28-bit ID command, which is selected from over 100 million possible combinations. To prevent "code grabbing" by potential intruders trying to defeat the security system, the next time the button is activated, the transmitter sends out a different CodeSecure ID selected by a proprietary code encryption algorithm and recognized only by the target receiver.
This ergonomically designed keyfob is available in several optional frequencies in compliance with European, U.S. and other international standards. It is powered by a standard, easily replaceable alkaline battery and features visible and transmitted low battery indications.
MCT-237 Features:
LCD display with eight intuitive language-independent icons shows system status and confirmation of command execution
Six independent functional buttons for various functions such as arming and disarming the security system, including two programmable buttons for home automation, garage doors and query for status
Comfortable, attractive, miniature design
Superior transmission range
CodeSecure encryption technology prevents unauthorized "code grabbing"
Visible and transmitted low battery indication
Powered by easily replaceable standard 1.5V AAA alkaline battery
Available in several optional frequencies in compliance with international standards
Compatible with PowerMaxPro, PowerMaxComplete and PowerMaxExpress
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