Yale - Easy Fit & Smart Kit Alarm Smoke Detector - EF-SD



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Allows Yale alarm to offer additional protection against fire.
Easy to retro fit.
Designated alarm frequncy of 868Mhz.
Excellent battery life.

Product Description

The Yale Smoke Detector is wireless and easy to pair with your Yale Home Alarm System*, allowing you to extend you system to tailor it to your individual needs.

This accessory is not sensitive to heat in and around the house, but on detection of smoke the built in siren will sound and in addition the alarm will also be triggered.

*Compatible with Yale SR- Smart Home Alarm Systems and EF- Series Alarms.


  • 868MHz Technology - Yale uses a frequency that is tightly controlled, meaning a clearer channel with less interference.
  • Connected - Connect to Yale SR Smart Home Alarm and EF Series Alarm Kits.
  • DIY Friendly - Wireless & easy to pair with your Yale Home Alarm System*.
  • 2 Year Guarantee - Guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase.
  • Batteries Included




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