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Add a Wireless Live Siren as required (+£80)


Yale HSA6400 Panic Alarm System with 4 Panic Buttons

Product Description

The Yale 6410 Wireless Emergency Alarm System comes with a built in telephone dialer, user keypad, 4 x fixed panic buttons and will call up to 6 telephone numbers 3 times when activated.

The panic button can either be carried or fixed at various points around the property (mounted in a convenient location) having a working range of 30 metres and can be used to call for assistance for security & medical reasons, a maximum of 20 panic buttons can be used with each system.
The Yale system is very much proven in the industry and is used in elderly homes serving not only for medical emergencies but also offering burglar and Fire protection in addition you can add burglar and fire sensors along with sirens.

The alarm has the following features:
Up to 20 panic buttons, remote controls & alarm detectors.
Easy Hassle free alarm installation
Will contact up to 3 pre-programmed telephone numbers (landline/mobile or 08's)
Full diagnostic control panel allowing total flexibility on settings with battery back up
Excellent battery life (easily 3 years with regular use)
Record your own personal message.
Battery back up.
Built in Keypad.
Remote Listen In Feature.
Emergency Button.
It will contact each programmed telephone number up to 3 times when activated (landline/mobile or 08's).

Kit Includes:
1 x Control panel with built in dialer and internal siren (requires 240v mains input)
1 x Built in back up battery
4 x Panic buttons
1 x Manual


The smallest of Water Leaks can cause thousands of pounds of damage if not detected early, our wide range of simple cost effective Water & Flood Alarm Systems can now prevent such disasters.

How To Choose A System To Suit Your Application:
D.T.R (Detection-Transmission-Reception).

1) What type of detection do you want (probe, float, low water, high water, rope ?)
2) How many detectors do you want in how many locations ?
3) Have we got any power supplies at the location of the detectors ?

1) Once water is detected, how do we get this signal back to the chosen receiver (wireless or cable ?).
2) What is the distance & terrain between the detectors & receiver.

1) Once water is detected, what do you want the receiver to do (activate sirens, flashing lights, text messages, telephone calls etc ?).
2) Have you got a power supply at the location of the receiver ?.
3) Have you got access to a telephone line at the location of the receiver ?.

We can normally find a solution for most applications by selecting different products from our range of Water Flood Systems.


Water leaks, large or small can and do cause thousands of pounds, if not hundred of thousands of pounds of damage to schools, factories, farms, shops & homes every single year.
This is becoming a bigger problem year on year, as global warming and construction upon flood plains increases.
Obviously a small water leak from a pipe cannot be put down to global warming, but as insurance companies have to keep paying out larger and larger amounts of money for large floods each year, they are also putting more and more restrictions and clauses in their policies.
This may mean, that not only do you have the problem of clearing up the water damage, you may also have the added problem of having to fund the repairs yourself due to your insurance company refusing to pay out.

We supply a simple range of water leakage alarms & flood systems that will allow you to detect a leak at the very earliest moments, which will allow you to prevent damage, down time and mess.

Simply choose the best flood water alarm/alert system to suit your specific requirements ranging from simple wireless battery operated water leak probes, rope cable detectors, float switches and plug in receivers to top of the range GSM self powered units that can inform you of a problem in even the remotest parts of your land, even when you are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

You can now have a water alarm systems to detect tiny leaks from under a sink, or in a carpet of a computer room that will send a wireless signal to a chime receiver, or a basic audible alarm
triggering at the exact loaction.
You may want a wired flood water alarm sensor attached to the buildings intruder alarm system, this is now possible at very affordable costs.
You may want a flood water alarm system located in a remote building or holiday home, that is perhaps near a river ? Using new GSM repoting technology, you can now be informed by telephone when you are anywhere in the world, that simple text message or voice message may allow you to send in help before it is too late.

Invest now in a flood water alarm system before it is too late.



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