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Solar Powered Wireless Perimeter 100m Range Beams
with 2 sets of dual beams, for use with 900 Series Solar Powered Receivers and Sirens.

Product Description

These additional Solar Powered Perimeter Beams have a 100 metre Detection Range and a 900 metre Transmission range back to the Wireless Receiver or Solar Powered Siren and two banks of dual Detection Beams (to reduce any false alarms).

Each pair of dual detection beams (which are 60mm apart) need to be activated at the same time to trigger the alarm, this reduces false alarms from small animals, foliage such as leaves etc, if any of the two pairs are breeched the alarm will activate, this gives you a larger protected area.

These unique Perimeter Beams are very easy to install as they have a built in Red Glow Light (for easy lining up) which illuminates for just one hour after switching the beams on, after the hour this light will automatically switch off adding to your security.

Kit Includes

1 x Set of Beams
1 x Set of Brackets & Screws
1 x Manual


Size: 590 (H) x 123 (W) x 45 (D) mm
Power Supply: Re-chargeable AA Batteries
Mounting Methods: Wall or Pole
Detection Range: 100 metres
Transmission Range: 900 metres (line of sight)
Frequency: 433 Mhz
IP Rating: IP66
Distance Between Dual Detection Beams: 60mm
Qty of Detection Beams: 2


The smallest of Water Leaks can cause thousands of pounds of damage if not detected early, our wide range of simple cost effective Water & Flood Alarm Systems can now prevent such disasters.

How To Choose A System To Suit Your Application:
D.T.R (Detection-Transmission-Reception).

1) What type of detection do you want (probe, float, low water, high water, rope ?)
2) How many detectors do you want in how many locations ?
3) Have we got any power supplies at the location of the detectors ?

1) Once water is detected, how do we get this signal back to the chosen receiver (wireless or cable ?).
2) What is the distance & terrain between the detectors & receiver.

1) Once water is detected, what do you want the receiver to do (activate sirens, flashing lights, text messages, telephone calls etc ?).
2) Have you got a power supply at the location of the receiver ?.
3) Have you got access to a telephone line at the location of the receiver ?.

We can normally find a solution for most applications by selecting different products from our range of Water Flood Systems.


Water leaks, large or small can and do cause thousands of pounds, if not hundred of thousands of pounds of damage to schools, factories, farms, shops & homes every single year.
This is becoming a bigger problem year on year, as global warming and construction upon flood plains increases.
Obviously a small water leak from a pipe cannot be put down to global warming, but as insurance companies have to keep paying out larger and larger amounts of money for large floods each year, they are also putting more and more restrictions and clauses in their policies.
This may mean, that not only do you have the problem of clearing up the water damage, you may also have the added problem of having to fund the repairs yourself due to your insurance company refusing to pay out.

We supply a simple range of water leakage alarms & flood systems that will allow you to detect a leak at the very earliest moments, which will allow you to prevent damage, down time and mess.

Simply choose the best flood water alarm/alert system to suit your specific requirements ranging from simple wireless battery operated water leak probes, rope cable detectors, float switches and plug in receivers to top of the range GSM self powered units that can inform you of a problem in even the remotest parts of your land, even when you are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

You can now have a water alarm systems to detect tiny leaks from under a sink, or in a carpet of a computer room that will send a wireless signal to a chime receiver, or a basic audible alarm
triggering at the exact loaction.
You may want a wired flood water alarm sensor attached to the buildings intruder alarm system, this is now possible at very affordable costs.
You may want a flood water alarm system located in a remote building or holiday home, that is perhaps near a river ? Using new GSM repoting technology, you can now be informed by telephone when you are anywhere in the world, that simple text message or voice message may allow you to send in help before it is too late.

Invest now in a flood water alarm system before it is too late.



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