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Product Description This bespoke kit offers comprehensive internal and external security and can be expanded to provide further security if... More 

Product Description

This bespoke kit offers comprehensive internal and external security and can be expanded to provide further security if required. The solar beams and external PIRs offer cable-free self-charging security measures that are ideal for protecting yards, driveways and private roads. The solar beams will offer realtime alerts when the beam is broken by either a person or a vehicle, the solar PIRs will also trigger the receiver with either a 'bing-bong' or a melody whenever the detection zone is entered.

The system can be armed and disarmed remotely using the remote keyfobs. The sensors can be zoned so you know which areas are being triggered and an additional siren can be set to sound if required (solar external siren included).

There are then two internal PIRs included which can be fitted to the GSM dialler, this will allow the system as a whole to text up to 3 telephone numbers and call up to 6 telephone numbers in the event of a trigger. In the event of a power failure the diallers back-up battery will kick in and continue to notify all users via SMS.

Two wireless door / window contacts are also included meaning that both the inside and outside of your property is protected.

100m of 6-core alarm cable is supplied for the fitting of the internal PIRs to the telephone dialler, further sensors can be added (wireless to receiver and wired to the telephone dialler). The receiver supports a 12v output which can power a 12v additional siren or power the relay on a Klaxon Master Blaster - When triggered the Master Blaster distributes 127dB of ear-busting air-raid power. These are ideal for positioning in barns and garages as any trespasser / burglar will have to leave the area due to the overwhelming sound.

These kits are ideal for the following applications and more

- Rural properties
- Properties with long driveways / private roads
- Working yards, industrial units, farmyards
- Garage & car sales forecourts
- Private car parks
- Building sites
- External asset protection

Product Specifics


A four-channel wireless receiver that works in conjunction with the external beams, external PIRs, solar siren, keyfobs and internal door / window contacts included in this kit. 32 wireless componetns can be added to this device. Device operates on 12v so can be powered by battery if no mains are available.

  • 4x dry relay outputs (12v)
  • adjustable volume control
  • options for reminder beep & exit delay
  • size: 160w x 105h x 35d mm
  • PSU: 15v variable (transformer provided)
  • Channels: 4
  • Max devices: 32
  • Output voltage: 12v
  • Built in chimes: Yes (1x per channel)
  • Reminder beep: Yes
  • Exit Delay: 5 Minutes (if programmed)
  • Frequency: 434.6Mhz
  • Standby current: 20 mA
  • Alarm Current: 180 mA
  • Relay Rating: 24v DC or 120v AC (2amp)
  • Transmission range: 900m


This is a very versatile WG GSM Auto-Dialler that can be used as a stand alone GSM Dialer or as a GSM Wired and Wireless Alarm System and a GSM Power Failure. Capable of sending up to 3 text messages and call up to 6 telephone numbers with your personnel pre-recorded message when activated.

  • size: 180w x 135h x 26d mm
  • PSU: 12v DC
  • Inputs: 7
  • Input Type: Volt Free N/O & N/C
  • Outputs: 12v DC (3 minutes when activated, can be switch off)
  • No. Texts sent: 3
  • No. calls can make: 6
  • Personal Message: 10 seconds
  • Power failure alert: Yes
  • Remote Location function: Yes
  • Option of wireless detectors: Yes (up to 99)
  • Zone type: Yes
  • Backup battery: Yes

External Beams:

The solar beams included have a 100m transmission range between one-another and a 900m (line-of-sight) range back to the receiver.They are simple to setup, completely wireless and feature dual detection beams to minimise false alarms.

  • Size: 340h x 123w x 45d mm
  • PSU: Re-chargeable AA batteries
  • Mounting: Wall or pole
  • Detection range: 100m
  • Transmission range: 900m
  • Frequency: 433Mhz
  • IP Rating: IP66
  • Distance between detection beams: 60mm.

External PIRs:

  • Size: 100w x 90h x 140d mm
  • detection range: 15M (can be reduced)
  • transmission range: 600m (line of sight)
  • PSU: Internal rechargeable battery

External Siren:

  • Size: 280 x 180 x 74 mm
  • Options: Loud 4 second chime, full siren & strobe
  • Volume: 90Db
  • Transmission range: 5-900 metres (line-of-sight)
  • PSU: Built in lithium battery (rechargeable)
  • Frequency: 433Mhz

Internal PIRs:

  • Type: Wired
  • Pet Friendly: Yes
  • Detection range: 12m (40x40 ft)

Internal Door Contacts:


Wireless Alarm Magnetic Alarm Contact, used to secure & protect vulnerable Doors & Windows together with our Solar Powered Perimeter Alarm & Solar Powered Burglar Alarm Systems.


The Wireless Magnetic Contact has an 80 metre transmission range (slightly more with the aerial extended) back to the chosen Wireless Receiver or Siren, and is powered by battery.

  • Size: 92l x 33w x 18d mm
  • Aerial: up to 160mm
  • transmission range: 80-100m
  • Power: 3.6v Lithium



The Remote Control Keyfob has 3 functions when used with the Receiver:-

1.  5 minute Delay (when the un-locked button is pressed, the chosen zones on the Wireless Receiver are disabled for 5 minutes (ideal for entering or leaving the premises)
2. Arm, if the Armed button is pressed, it overides the 5 minute delay instantly
3. Panic Button, if pressed, it will trigger the Receiver

The Remote Controls have 3 functions when used with the Siren:-
1. Disarm (turn off)
2. Arm (turn on).
3. Panic Button, if pressed, it will trigger the Siren.

The working range is 100 metres (line of sight)



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